The Addams Family standing in the doorway, scaring the Monsters

How Frightfully Fun

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Boo to You from Our Crew

Premiering each Halloween to bring in the spooky spirit and all the yummy treats, Count Chocula, Franken Berry and Boo Berry are a trio of friendly monsters that live harmoniously together in a haunted castle. Like many good friends, the 3 often spar back and forth with each other—most notably over who’s cereal is the most monstrously delicious. But we know they are all delicious! They are all scaredy-cats and easily startled by their own shadows! But they are the best of friends who help each other face their fears.

Count Chocula with a bowl of Monster cereal

Count Chocula

The coolest vampire you’ll ever meet. Caution! My chocolate flavored frosted oats with chocolate marbits will bring you some fang-tastic fun!

Franken Berry with a bowl of Monster cereal

Franken Berry

I’m Franken Berry your Frankenstein Monster, my cereal brings you Strawberry flavored frosted oats with Strawberry Marbits. So berry berry sweet!

Boo Berry with a bowl of Monster cereal

Boo Berry

Boo! Gotcha! Ghostly greetings, I’m your favorite ghost and bring to you blueberry flavored frosted oats and blueberry marbits, berry yum!

The Addams Family - in theaters October 11

The Addams Family and Monsters

Addams Family and Monster are partnering together this year to create the ultimate Halloween experience this season. We will be tag teaming and bringing you our fun Halloween Monsters/Addams Family stencils to make your pumpkin making extra special. Happy Haunting!

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Carve the Whole Crew

  1. Print stencil
  2. Hollow out your pumpkin
  3. Cut out the black pieces using scissors or a craft knife
  4. Tape stencil onto pumpkin and trace with a marker
  5. Start carving!
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